MODULE ONE: Building Active Accountability in Your Organization

The A Player University: Growing People to Grow Businesses

MODULE ONE: Building Active Accountability in Your Organization


"The A Player University does an excellent job of defining the traits of a true A Player and how to put those traits into practice. It is my belief that every business should use The A Player University as a 101 framework for employee orientation. I plan to use much of the A Player University content as foundational training for all new employee and supervisor training within our organization."

Nate Reynolds

Training Manager, Palmer-Donavin

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Chapter 01: Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Pre Course Assessment
    • Chapter Checkpoint
  • 2
    Chapter 02: Understanding Accountability
    • Understanding Accountability
    • Chapter Checkpoint
  • 3
    Chapter 03: The Line of Choice
    • Make a decision on Accountability - The line of choice
    • Chapter Checkpoint
  • 4
    Chapter 04: Components of Accountability
    • Going deeper on the components of accountability
    • Chapter Checkpoint
  • 5
    Chapter 05: An Example
    • A simple example to distinguish between accountability, responsibility and ownership
    • Chapter Checkpoint
  • 6
    Chapter 06: Action Steps - How to Become More Accountable
    • Action Steps - How to become more accountable and build active accountability in your organization
    • Chapter Checkpoint
  • 7
    Chapter 07: The Personal Performance Promise™
    • Personal Performance Promise™
    • Chapter Checkpoint
    • Course Module Survey